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Born in Toronto, Ontario in 1958, John is the youngest of five children of award winning children's book author Janet Lunn and journalist Richard Lunn. His family moved to Prince Edward County (along the north shore of Lake Ontario) when he was ten. After high school, John moved back to Toronto and began an apprentice with flutemaker Jack Goosman for three years. After his apprenticeship, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts to work for a world renowned flute company. He met his wife, Meredith in 1983 while living in Concord, Mass. They were married in '87 and moved together to Toronto in 1988 and started a flute company of their own with an original flute design that received international acclaimed soon after. (Visit John Lunn Flutes for much more detail.) In 1991, the Lunns moved to Newport, New Hampshire, where they still live with their three dogs Tristan, Zoe and Spike. Meredith is a canine behavior specialist. She writes for a national dog magazine and teaches positive reinforcement dog training. (You can find more on her website: Tricorn Acres.) Their two children, Darren and Elise, live nearby. Darren and his wife, Mary, have two kids, Brandon and Alex) which make John and Meredith grandparents. John began writing poems and stories as a teenager. He completed a science fiction novel at age nineteen, but never pursued writing as a career. He always kept writing as an avocation in between making flutes, raising kids, flying airplanes, and working in local politics. The Mariner's Curse is John's first published novel. He is marketing several screenplays, a nonfiction book on comic strip art, and a TV sitcom pilot. His next project is a sequel to THE AQUANAUTS and a first reader about growing up in Toronto in 1967. Viz

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